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We, on daily basis, go through shocks and pains of various events occurring around us; physical and psychological. The deep pain of distress or discomfort due to disturbing experiences or by serious and major physical injury is called trauma. Majority of world’s population is suffering from trauma of some cause. Most of the trauma cases that are registered on daily basis are MAJOR (PHYSICAL) TRAUMA. Major trauma is an injury that has the potential to cause prolong disability or even death. There are many events that can trigger physical trauma; like, falling down, being in a motor vehicle accident, getting stabbed or penetrated by sharp or blunt objects and projectiles. Injuries and physical trauma can happen anywhere on human body but most of the damage affects the skull, neck, nose, and chest. The primary pain point of these injuries is more on the facial region followed by torso and abdominal region.

People going through physical trauma do recover quickly. Though the recovery depends on the severity of the injury but the probability of recovery to normalcy is more than getting disabled or amputated. Physical trauma can also have some psychological effect on victim. People who are involved in motor vehicle accidents are tend to have more psychological effect as the injury point are mainly on their head or ,in case of driving with a co-passenger, witnessing them getting injured can put a lot of pressure on them.

Diagnosis and Best Treatment of Trauma:

Primary procedures to diagnose and cure trauma are:
i) Physical examination: Injuries caused by accidents or penetration of blunt and sharp objects are tend to cause more external injures than internal. Therefore the diagnosis can be done just by looking through it. These kinds of occurrences are quite common therefore there are multiple government and private emergency trauma centres, meant to deal with these kinds of events.
ii) Surgical Techniques: This kind of diagnoses is meant for injury caused by blunt objects to the torso or brain areas. These injuries can unstable the steady flow of fluids or can cause some severe internal bleeding and can’t be cured in any other possible way but surgery. Therefore the treatment options are generally surgical unless doctor advises otherwise.

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