Dr. Akhileshwar Jha

M S (Surgery) FRCS (Edinburgh)
Senior Consultant –Urology

Dr. Akhileshwar Jha Internationally acclaimed Urologist highly qualified and trained in India and Abroad and proved his expertise in UK, Saudi Arabia and India. Decades of proven proficiency in Urology in well known hospitals like Victoria Hospital, Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, Scotland, National Health Service, UK and King Fahd Central Hospital, Saudi Arabia. After many years of International experience he was associated with VPS Rockland Hospitals in Delhi & Gurgaon.

His special skills include KTP Greenlight laser Photo selective Vaporization of BPH (UK & USA Certified), Bladder & Kidney Cancer Surgery, Endoscopic Urology (Adult & pediatric), Renal Stone Surgery, Holmium Laser Applied to Urology, Female Gynaecological urology surgery(V.V.F. Repair)  etc.

For his credit, a number of publications in international journals and presentations, few are:-

  1. Jha A, Alfaifi H –“Double J Silicon Stent: a word of caution, experience from high stone forming area of Jizan, Saudi Arabia” Urology, (the Official Journal of the Societe Internationale du Urologie (SIU)) September 2012.
  2. Jha A, Alfaifi H, Gomma M, Tohari M “Hypospaedeus Management in high familial incidence area of Jizan, Saudi Arabia: A prospective study.”
  3. Saudi Urological topics: Abstract proceedings of the Ten Saudi urological Conferences 1983-1986, MS ABO Melha and AB Fallatah eds. ISBN- 9960-20-445-6
  4. Posters like Urological club conference, Jizan, Saudi Arabia “Immotile Cilia Syndrome”, World Congress of Societe Internationale D ‘urologie, Fukuoka, Japan “Double J Silicon Stent-Aword of caution in Urological practice: Experience from stone-forming and congenital anomaly area of Gizan, Saudi Arabia and many more…