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Obs & Gynae


Polaris Hospital’s Obs & Gynae Department constitutes of highly experienced and reputed gynaecologists and obstetricians that have expertise in providing advanced services for Gynae related problems and reproductive health. The Hospital is well equipped to address all gynaecological conditions of women and offers comprehensive medical, diagnostic & surgical expertise.

Our Obs & Gynae department provides medical and surgical solutions for different types of gynaecological problems like infertility, menstrual abnormalities, fibroids, prolapsed uterus, other tumors of the uterus and ovaries. Our Gynaecologists also expertise in teenage menstrual cycle issues, counseling support and consultation for hormonal issues such as thyroid, poly cystic ovarian disorders, etc. Our team of gynaecologists can efficiently perform laparoscopic surgeries and minimally invasive surgical technique.


What is Gynaecology?

Gynaecology is the branch of physiology and medicine which deals with the functions and diseases specific to women and girls, especially those affecting the reproductive system.

Gynaecologists are doctors who specialize in women’s health, with a focus on the female reproductive system. An obstetrician is a kind of gynaecologist who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth.

They deal with a wide range of issues, including obstetrics, or pregnancy and childbirth, menstruation and fertility issues, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), hormone disorders, and others.


Treatments & Procedures

Polaris Hospital is the leader in providing exceptional Gynae care and treatment to women of all age groups. The conditions and treatments handled by our experts  include:

  • Infertility

  • Endometriosis

  • Fibroid uterus

  • Ovarian cysts

  • Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS)

  • Tubal Ligation

  • Menstrual problems

  • Prolapse uterus

  • Teenage problems- hormonal imbalances, menstrual issues, vaginal discharge

  • Tumours in the uterus and ovaries

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

  • Cervical Cancer

  • Minimal Invasive Hysterectomy (removal of uterus)

  • Total laparoscopic hysterectomy

  • Laparoscopic Gynae Surgeries

  • Prenatal Care

  • Ante Natal Care

  • Fetal Medicine

  • High Risk Pregnancy

  • Ectopic pregnancies

  • Early deliveries and premature births

  • Miscarriages

Cost/Estimate of Treatment

To know more about our best Gynaecologist in Gurgaon and the cost or estimate of the treatment for infertility, fibroid, PCOS, menstrual problems, high risk pregnancies, laparoscopic gynae surgeries and other conditions please share your request at Info@polarishospitals.com or contact us.

Our Doctors

Dr. Veenu Agarwal