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How your eye works

The cornea is the clear, defensive external layer of the eye. Alongside the sclera (white of the eye), it fills in as a hindrance against dust, germs, and different particles that can hurt the eye’s fragile segments. The cornea is likewise equipped for sifting through a few measures of the sun’s bright light however enough to swap the requirement for wearing wraparound shades outside. It also plays a key role in vision.


The lens is a straightforward structure behind the iris, the hued part of the eye. The focal point twists light beams with the goal that they shape a reasonable picture at the back of the eye – on the retina. As the focal point is elastic, it can change shape, getting fatter to concentrate close objects and thinner to distant objects.


Treatments & Procedures


Eye Diseases


Retinal detachment

Diabetic retinopathy

Age related macular degeneration




Refractive error


Computer vision syndrome

Children vision

Retinopathy of prematurity (rop)



EYE Treatment



Micro-vitreoretinal surgery

Anti vegf therapy

Pterygium excision with conjunctival autograft

Photo dynamic therapy

Scleral buckling- retinal detachment surgery

Retina laser treatment

Ntraocular foreign body removal

Intraocular injections of anti vexgf drugs & antibiotics

Customised wave-front lasik

Lid surgeries


Cost/Estimate of Treatment

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